Water Service Line Repair or Replacement Program

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Where can I find out more information?

More information about the program can be found by clicking on the link below.

DISCLAIMER: By clicking on the link, you understand you are exiting Buffalo Water’s Web server. The Buffalo Water Board, together with Veolia, want to restate that you are under no obligation to participate in this or any similar program. It is important to remember that you are responsible for the repair and maintenance of your water service line. If you decide to participate in this or any other program, you should read and understand the terms and conditions.



What is a water service line, and what is my responsibility?

The water service line is the underground pipe that delivers water to your house, and runs from the water main on your street to the basement or crawl space under your house. You as the property owner are responsible for repair or replacement of your service line if it develops a leak. The City is only responsible for the water main, and not for individual service line repair or replacement.

Do I need a water service line service contract?

There is no requirement for anyone to purchase a water service line service contract. It is a product offered by some independent companies to protect homeowners against the potential of incurring the high cost of repairing or replacing a water service line should a leak develop. The cost to repair or replace a residential service line can range from several hundred dollars for a simple repair, to several thousand dollars for a complete replacement of the service line and restoration of the roadway, sidewalk and landscaping. Some homeowners may find a water service line service contract useful protection to shield them from a sudden large expenditure, while others may determine that such protection is unnecessary when considering the age and perceived condition of their service line.

What is the cost of a service line service contract?

Rates are set by each individual company/provider. Be sure to understand your monthly and annual costs, and how you will be billed.

What does a water service line service contract cover?

Be sure you understand the coverage being provided. In the City of Buffalo, residents are responsible for the entire service line – from inside your crawl space or basement all the way to the water main – including service line replacement under the street, and the cost of repairing the street if required.

Are there limitations on what is covered, and when a claim may be filed?

Most service contracts have limitations on coverage. Some may have deductibles, and/or overall limits on coverage and the cost of repair. Some service contracts also may have an “exclusion period” – a waiting period at the start of coverage during which a claim will not be covered. Plans may or may not also include restoration of your lawn, or the roadway and sidewalk. Make sure you understand the limitations of coverage on any contract you may be considering.

If I purchase a water service line service contract, how do I file a claim, and with whom?

If you purchase a service contract, you will need to file any claim with the individual administrator in accordance with their instructions. The Buffalo Water Board does not handle service line claims.