Plant Operations

Employee Duties

Water Treatment Supervisor

Maintains all permits & licenses applicable to the treatment plant and laboratory operation and serves as primary contact to government agencies for emergencies, rules, regulations and codes. Plans, assigns, supervises and reviews work of water treatment and laboratory staff. Develops and assures compliance with standard operating procedures for plant and laboratory operations. Orders and maintains treatment chemicals and supplies. Adapts treatment methods to meet performance standards for changing conditions and emergencies. Analyzes distribution system complaints. Prepares cost estimates for budget requests; submits justifications for staff, equipment and supplies. Finds and procures new bid requests and rewards successful quotes. Recommends capitol improvement expenditures and modifications to the treatment process. Facilitates heightened plant security measures including implementing redundant treatment options capabilities. Responds to emergencies on a 24-hour basis.

Maintenance Supervisor/Maintenance Workers

Maintenance Supervisor and crew oversee the following equipment necessary for quality potable water.
Low lift pumps, which are used to draw millions of gallons of water from the lake 24-7, are properly maintained.
Maintains and makes repairs to chlorine feed equipment which includes evaporators, chlorinators, and scrubber.
Maintains and repairs Stern Pac feed systems and flow metering equipment.

The Maintenance Supervisor also oversees the cleaning of the coagulation basin and lagoon. Maintains the north and south basin flocculators. Maintains and makes repairs to fluoride dry feed equipment including a dust collection system. Maintains filter operator valves. Takes monthly core samples of filter media. Monitors pump stations which includes the backwash, decant, roundhouse and underdrain stations. Maintains and repairs the sludge thickening, and polymer systems. Monitors boiler and heating systems in the plant. Certified as a trainer in, respiratory facemask testing, power industrial trucks, and ergonomics. Maintains as required by NYS Health Department, Grade II water treatment license. Maintains and submits periodic maintenance and safety reports. Maintains a record for all of the above operations in maintenance programs MP7I and MP2. Maintains an inventory for all recommended spare parts for the above equipment. Oversees the clean-up operations to those assigned to areas. Directs the work of subordinate employees, including skilled craft workers, and inspects final results. Assists the Water Treatment Supervisor and carries out orders not listed.


Control operators are responsible for providing potable water for the distribution system. They oversee chemical feeds, flow rates, monitoring equipment and filtration treatment to ensure that water is safe and available for the City of Buffalo